Tommee Tippee FlexiPen™ Digital Thermometer
Tommee Tippee FlexiPen™ Digital Thermometer
Tommee Tippee FlexiPen™ Digital Thermometer
Tommee Tippee FlexiPen™ Digital Thermometer
Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee FlexiPen™ Digital Thermometer

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Check baby's temperature with the Tommee Tippee FlexiPen digital thermometer - highly accurate temperature readings in just 8 seconds.

If baby's temperature is too high and records a reading of 37.6°C or above, a red light will flash and an alarm will sound to warn of a possible fever, helping to eliminate any doubt.

The digital thermometer stores the last reading allowing you to monitor baby's temperature over time with ease. Supplied with a practical cover so you can keep the oral and underarm thermometer clean and hygienic between uses. The practical automatic shut-off feature helps to prolong battery life.

Instructions for use: 

  • Please make sure the environment temperature is between 16°C - 31°C before use.
  • Press power switch to turn the unit on.
  • It will beep when you turn it on to indicate sufficient power and you will see full segment screen for a few seconds
  • After the full segment screen, you will see the last measured value with “Last Memory” on the display.
  • After a few more seconds the screen will display Lo°C or Lo°F. Then the °C or °F symbol will flash. Please wait for the symbol to flash 3 times before taking a measurement.
  • The thermometer will beep when its finished taking a reading:

  • During measurement LCD will display Lo°C or Lo°F if the measured temperature is below 32°C / 90°F or will display Hi°C or Hi°F if the measured temperature is above 43.9°C / 111°F
  • Turn off the unit by lightly pressing the power switch or leave it for a few minutes and it will auto-off to save power.
  • To maintain the accuracy of each measurement, please wait for at least 3 minutes before taking another measurement.

How to toggle between °C and °F:

Press switch to turn on and hold it down until the display shows Lo°C (with no flash), release the switch and within 2 seconds press it again. You do this to change from °C to °F or back.

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