Munchkin Trainer Potty

Munchkin Trainer Potty

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Potty like a rock star.

  • Natural, comfortable fit for toddlers
  • Soft-touch, flexible splash guard to help prevent accidents
  • Includes 1 odor-fighting deodorizing disc (Replace with Arm & Hammer™ Nursery Fresheners)
  • Easy to clean, removable basin
  • Non-skid feet
  • 12+ Months

Getting kids to embrace the potty is one tough feat, but you can make your toddler's transition more comfortable with the Arm & Hammer™ Trainer Potty. The seat's natural contours keep little ones securely in place, and the removable potty basin is easy to clean.

What’s more is that this great product comprises a soft-touch, flexible splash guard, which means less on/off accidents for when your little one is in a hurry to go!

Lastly, this potty includes an odor-absorbing air freshener disc that's powered by Arm & Hammer™ baking soda and snaps right in. When it is time for a new air freshener disc, simply push up on the cartridge and replace with Arm & Hammer™ Nursery Fresheners (sold separately).

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