iCandy Peach Cerium 7 Seat Fabric

iCandy Peach Cerium 7 Seat Fabric

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Parents can upgrade their Cerium 7 stroller into a double pram with the addition of second seat fabrics. In the package, parents will receive the fabrics required to create the second seat. Please note you will need to pram the iCandy conversion kit separately when upgrading your iCandy Cerium 7 into a double pram. Includes bumper bar.


  • Transform your single Cerium 7 pram into a double pram
  • Innovative converter adaptors can be applied to the frame of the pram in just a couple of clicks
  • The adaptors allow for either two carrycots, two seats, or a combination of both a carrycot and seat unit to fit onto the existing pram frame
  • Complete the conversion with an additional seat or carrycot fabric.

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