Chicco Bottle: NaturalFeeling - 6m+ 330ml

Chicco Bottle: NaturalFeeling - 6m+ 330ml

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NaturalFeeling Bottle range, to enjoy every moment with your baby.

• Always stays full of milk, reducing air intake.
• Encourages correct neck positioning for newborns.
• Soft and wide base aids natural latch and easy transition between breast and bottle.
• Twin anti-colic valves help prevent air ingestion, gas and reflux. NaturalFeeling teats have a system made up by two ‘anti-colic’ valves that encourage the flow of air, ensuring regular and constant flow of milk when the infant sucks the teat, and avoid creating vacuum in the bottle. Hence, the baby takes the milk without swallowing air.

Chicco introduces NaturalFeeling, the bottle range designed to replicate the instinctive way baby feeds.

Thanks to the truly angled teat, NaturalFeeling ensures correct and intuitive suction, just like at your breast, giving you peace of mind.Because the feeding experience should be as easy and natural as possible, whatever choice you make.

Innovative range: that comes with the truly anti-colic angled teat, for peaceful feeding.
Loved by babies: Immediate Acceptance Clinically tested.

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