Babyhood Organic Nursing Pillow with Toybar - Leaf

Babyhood Organic Nursing Pillow with Toybar - Leaf

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The ORIGINAL babyhood Organic Cotton Nursing Pillow with Toy Bar.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural method of feeding your baby and building a special bond with your baby. For those mums who can and choose to do so, whilst a beautiful experience, it can be demanding on your body and place a little strain on you neck, back and shoulders, if you are not properly supported.

To support you during feeding we have designed the babyhood Organic Nursing Pillow with Toy Bar. It is a 4 in 1 pillow that is versatile and affordable. The pillow can be used as a nursing pillow, a baby play centre, sitting support for your baby when they are ready to learn to sit and a neck pillow.

The cover is 100% certifi ed organic cotton which is better for baby’s delicate skin. It has pockets for easy access to your creams and breast pads and best of all can be machine washed, unlike many other nursing pillows which can not be washed at all.

We recommend the range of babyhood feeding glider chairs and matching ottomans which are designed to be used with the babyhood nursing pillows for the most comfortable nursing experience.

. excellent support and comfort for mum during pregnancy
. essential support needed throughout the upper arms and shoulders when nursing your baby
. back support for your baby when they are learning to sit
. aides baby’s digestion as it is the optimal position for feeding upright
. removable toy bar for easy use
. adjustable padded support to assist you to feed smaller babies especially premie babies
. great play centre for hours of fun

– 100% GOTS organic cotton cover
– Breathe Eze Fibre

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