Babyhood Wild Things 5 in 1 Walker

Babyhood Wild Things 5 in 1 Walker

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Introducing a new innovation in baby walkers with the Wild Things Walker Rocker.

This 5 in 1 multi-use product is designed to support your child through the important stages of learning to walk, whilst being entertained from every direction with a 360-degree entertainment unit.

Most walkers and activity jumpers only provide a small entertainment space for your child to sit but Wild Things does so much more as it actually assists your child to groove through their walking milestones with confidence and support, for longer.

1. The first stage begins with the rocking mode where your baby has not yet begun to stand but has learnt to sit upright. In this rocking mode, your baby can enjoy an entertainment space with the full support of a seat and a musical footplate.

2. The second stage is when your baby has learnt to stand, albeit a little wobbly so they still have the seat and frame for full support.

3. Finally, the exciting stage where your little bub becomes a toddler and uses the frame of the walker to support their steps forward, holding the handlebar.

This innovative product gives your baby the confidence to step through their milestones, feeling well supported and with a sense of independence, even though you are right by their side cheering them every step of the way.

The 3D musical interactive toy tray wraps the walker so your child has a 360-degree experience – so your baby will be entertained for hours. The seat swivels around so your toddler can be turned to face multiple directions to keep them entertained with a wide range of toys. For the lovers of music and dancing, there is also a musical footrest for your little ‘happy feet.’

The toy tray is removable, so you can use the tray for snack time between playtimes. The seat and frame are easily wiped clean with a soft damp cloth.

The Wild Things Walker Rocker will give your baby the confidence to stand on their own feet, learn to walk and do a little dance along the way, safely with the stairway brake system which adds extra protection for those bubs who love to wiggle it.

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