Chicco SterilNatural 3 in 1 Steriliser

Chicco SterilNatural 3 in 1 Steriliser

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The new line of Chicco sterilisers adapts to your needs and those of your child. It allows you to choose between different models and configurations so as to sterilise effectively, conveniently and quickly. Keeping baby healthy and happy!

The three in one steriliser gives parents options; a full sized 6 bottle steriliser, or swap the racks to create a smaller compact unit when only a few items need to be sterilised, or for travel out and about, the unit can be converted to a small microwave model.

Has the capacity of sterilising up to a maximum of 6 x 330ml bottles at a time.

The compact version will hold up to a maximum of 2 x 330 ml bottles or 1 breast pump or even soothers and smaller items of such. in addition the compact version has the option of an 'ECO''mode with time and energy savings up to 25%. 

Thanks to the space saving size, this option is suitable for most microwave ovens.Ideal for fast sterilisation of one or two bottles in as little as 3 minutes in a 1200W microwave.

Fast and easy to use: sterilises in just 5 minutes! (warming time excluded).


Sterilisation is important for the care and health of your little one. In the first year of life their immune defences are still reduced. Anything that comes into contact with baby's mouth must be sterilised daily to avoid intestinal or oral disordersProduct dimensions: 27 x 20.2 x 39.7 cm.

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