VTech RM5762 Additional Camera

VTech RM5762 Additional Camera

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  • 1080p HD Pan & Tilt camera with automatic night vision, 2x local digital zoom and 10x remote digital zoom
  • Can pair, view and control up to 4 cameras on the Parent Unit & the VTech app. Multi-cam viewing modes are single cam, split screen or patrol mode.
  • Note 1: Audio in split screen mode on parent unit;
  • - selected camera (has yellow outline around it) audio will come through to parent unit
  • - there are also sound alerts for all cameras (even those that are not selected as above) - these appear as "Sound detected at CAM X" message across the top of the screen
  • Note 2: No audio in split screen mode on app.
  • Note 3: In patrol mode auto switches every ~10 seconds on parent unit
  • Note 4: In patrol mode user can select camera transition time on app - 10, 20 or 30 seconds

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