Sleep Rumbler
Sleep Rumbler

Sleep Rumbler

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SleepRumbler is a new and simple innovation in infant settling. During the first 6 months of life, babies have an amazing transition to make, from the womb to the world. At times this transition can be difficult and a little uncomfortable. Although we can cuddle our baby through their crying and restlessness, there are times when we, and they, need a break. SleepRumbler offers a solution to provide comfort to your baby and you.

SleepRumbler can be used to:

  • Comfort your baby into a relaxed state when restless
  • Aid parents in teaching babies to self settle to sleep
  • Assist your baby in getting to sleep
  • Encourage your baby to sleep for longer periods of time
  • Offer a non medicated or complimentary option for setttling when your baby’s unwell
  • Assit in calming colicky and refluxy babies

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