Korbell Plus Disposal Unit

Korbell Plus Disposal Unit

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The Korbell Nappy Bin is uniquely odour-free, and are a practical, hygienic solution to nappy disposal. The Korbell Plus is a medium-sized nappy bin, perfect for childminders, or if you have twins. 

The Plus size Liner can be used for up to 335 nappies and will last 6-7 weeks.
Every mum knows the importance of hygiene. The Korbell nappy bin’s unique step and drop system ensures not only the best possible hygiene standards in your home, but the additional benefit of the no more unpleasant nappy smells. 
* Plus (26 litres)
* Hands Free
* Odour-free
* Value for Money
* Safe and Hygenic
* Clean and Simple Design
* Environmentally Friendly
* FREE liners included with every Korbell Bin
550 x 333 x 240mm

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