Difrax S Bottle Valves 2pk
Difrax S Bottle Valves 2pk

Difrax S Bottle Valves 2pk

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The Difrax Anti-Colic Valve (2-pcs) for the S-baby bottle is integrated in the removable base of this popular baby bottle. The valve provides a constant, regular flow of formula or breast milk and prevents stomach and intestinal cramps, reflux, burping and colic. Routinely replace the soft, silicon valve as you would the teat. We recommend that you change the valve and the teat every 6 weeks if used on a daily basis.

  • The valve prevents air and milk getting mixed together while the baby is feeding
  • Anti colic system prevents stomach cramps
  • The valve fits on the Difrax S-baby bottle Natural, S-baby bottle Wide and the Easy grip baby bottle

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