Babyhood Cot Top Changer

Babyhood Cot Top Changer

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Need space? Try a Cot Top Changer as a great alternative to a change table. The babyhood Cot Top Changer fits on the top of most cots to offer a strong and stable place for you to change your baby.


  1. Perfect for small or compact spaces as it sits on top of your cot
  2. Fits most standard size cots
  3. Hook on attachment to secure it to your cot and reduce the movement of the changing unit whilst changing your baby
  4. Easily removable when not required
  5. High side edges to secure a change mat inside so baby is more comfortable when changing

Important Notes:

All cots and change tables do not include a mattress or change mat. Mattresses and change mats are sold separately.

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