Avent Bottle Solutions Gift Set

Avent Bottle Solutions Gift Set

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The Avent Bottle Solutions Starter set includes everything you need to get going with bottle feeding your baby.

All bottles are fitted with Newborn Teats and feature the unique anti-colic valve that flexes to allow air into bottle to prevent vacuum build-up. It also supports breastfeeding with soft, naturally shaped teats that promote a proper latch.


1x AVENT Electric Steriliser
1x AVENT Electric Bottle & Baby Food Warmer
2x AVENT Feeding Bottle 125ml
6x AVENT Feeding Bottle 260ml
1x AVENT Thermabag
1x AVENT Powdered Milk Dispenser
1x AVENT Bottle & Teat Brush
2x AVENT Soother

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